"Taming the View" is an artistic experiment based on computer vision technology. This project uses data labeling software to assign subjective "emotional labels" to everyday landscapes, attempting to challenge the mission of machines to "deliver justice." By generating visual reports, it aims to provide an opportunity for the audience to contemplate whether the "eye of the machine" truly discerns reality or is merely an illusion. In this way, the project seeks to provoke a dialogue about the limitations and subjectivity of machine perception.



「眺望を飼いならす」Taming the Vistas

Video Installation
dimension variable, 2023
(1)“Runoff:Art and Education Arena” Yuan Museum, Chongqing (2023)
(2)“Artificial Reality- The Real Deals of Lies“,WATOWA GALLERY/THE BOX TOKYO,Tokyo,Japan (2023)
(3) “A-Real Engine”-18th Digital Art Festival Taipei, Digital Art Centre, Taiwan(2023)
(4) “Atami Art Grant”- Voyage Atami, Article Atelier & Gallery, Atami-shi, Japan (2023)

Single-channel video presenting version
<Taming the Vistas: Futile Outlines>(09’36)

screening history:
(1)ARTS COUNCIL KOREA (DAFTxARKO screening project)
(2) Shanghai Film Art Center (FLARE2023)