multi-channel video,2019

When Olympic is now being a magnificent index while measuring the ‘soft power’ of one country, we then may realize that ‘soft’ itself is a kind of power. In this series work, I'm going to take ‘soft’, or to say ‘comfortable’, as the symbol of the world’s strongest power object—— since none of us is able to stand opposite the pursuit of ‘ being comfortable’, and the power who provides ‘comfortable’  to us then becomes the commander of the world.

In the Volume 1 :Motto of spectators, I tried to conclude some typical way of our watching behavior toward world-wide media event such as Olympic, which is ‘ slower, closer, softer’——perfectly against the motto of so-called Olympic spirit. As spectator, we demand infinite slow motion and play back of the wining second, and extremely closed-up camera to see through the athletes’ pore, and for the most important, we demand a sofa as soft as it could for us to enjoy the show, or to say,  the world biggest carnival performance.

Meanwhile within this work a seemingly eternal question has been occurred:  the medal and the athlete, which comes first?

 オリンピックが、国家の「ソフトパワー」(soft power,アメリカハーバード大学の教授、ジョセフ・スネイルに初めて提出された)を図る重要な指標となった時。「ソフト」自身も、ある種のパワーではないかと私は気付きました。人類のソフトへの追求、または、快適さへの追求が、柔弱・快適を全人類を統治する権利の産物にしました。よって、快適さの提供者も世界の主宰者となるでしょう。



@Tama Art University, Information Design