The Endless Glory

羊喘兒,multi-media, size variable, 2021 Photo by Naoki Takehisa @Calm&Punk Gallery

This work uses AI StyleGAN, an artificial intelligence technology, to analyze thousands of released photographs of Olympic medalists from the Internet Archive, which have a very high degree of anti-duplication in their screen composition, and ultimately generates an infinite number of non-existent medalists.

The generated fictional medalists maintain a similar screen composition, posture and facial expression to the original images, and can be said to be models that embody the intangible concept of "victory.

This process of repeating the same thing in an unhurried manner can be called "training" for machine learning, just as athletes repeat their daily practice to win medals.

Compared to the cost of producing a real medalist, a medalist generated by AI technology could be more efficient, more reliable, and more useful. Isn't this the kind of rule that should be paramount in today's production activities?

本作品では、人工知能技術「AI StyleGAN」を用いて、インターネットアーカイブから公開されている数千枚のオリンピックメダリストの写真のうち、画面構成の重複度が非常に高いものを解析し、最終的に実在しないメダリストを無限に生成しています。