Asagaya-Gunkanjima Transport Project

The background of the work is set in Hashima, also known as Gunkan-jima, which means the Warship Island in Japanese. As the coal production base in the early 19th century, it was once an island with a population density 9 times of that in Tokyo, before the island was deserted due to the decline of coal-mining industry in the mid-20th century. In 2009, Gunkanjima was developed as a tourist destination by the local government, launching a tourist trip called “Gunkanjima Tour”, including stops such as sea cruise, souvenir sale, and a tour into the ruins. Although Gunkanjima is a history, it is not of the past. Rather, it is a fast-forwarded sketch of the future.

On Google Earth, this commercialized history becomes an even more enter- taining image. In this artwork, the artist transformed the real streets he walks on into a model with 3D scanning software, so as to realize a massive transfer and elimination of real life on the computer. As a realistic prophecy of fast produc- tion leading to fast die-out, Gunkanjima becomes the end point of daily life in this work. Meanwhile, if we attribute the ambiguous, distorted visual language of Google Earth to “the loss of detail”, to enter this world means to discard details (i.e. the reality as detail) and thus shape a more effective world view. The loss of detail means lightweight, and lightweight means it needs a smaller storage space compared to “the reality”, which will no doubt be seen as a survival strategy in the future world. The lightweight for reality is a attened cube in the end, a sus- pension after an object loses functional volume. The oating streets and the com- mercialized Gunkanjima in this work are the vivid re ection of such mechanism.



 インタネットのエンジンに入ると、この製品化された歴史は、さらに娯楽性のある図象となりました。この作品では、私の実際の日常生活を3Dスキャンソフトウェアでスキャンし、それらの日常生活の場面をモデルに作成しました。この作法を通し、実際の日常生活の場面をコンピューター内部への大規模な転送と削除を実現しようと試み、そして、Google Earthにある軍艦島は、このデータたちの最終的な捨て所としました。

 阿佐ヶ谷のスキャンモデル、Google Earthにある「リアルな景色」のような、パソコン内部、またはオンラインにおける、ゆがみのある外観を「細部の喪失」と総括にしたら、これらの世界に入るには自ら細部を放棄することを意味とします。あるいは、これによって、細部としての真実は、もっと有効的な世界観を効率的に形成することが可能となるでしょう。細部の喪失は、軽量化と意味します、軽量化は、データセーブの最適化の可能性を意味とするでしょう、未来では、これは生存策略とも言えるではないかと私は考えてます。